Our experts are the best choice of waxing in Sydney. We can give you guarantee, we are the right people to do this job for you in the most perfect way, desired. You don’t need to worry about pain anymore because we know how to treat you with care. We offer all the popular kinds of waxing. The product we are using is‘premium wax’ that is imported from Paris, France which reduces 50% of your pain and deliver long lasting and smooth results that you will definitely love.

Our waxing services are in the accordance with NSW health regulations. We have a strict policy of waxing and we totally discourage re-dipping in the whole procedure.We have a reliably famous name in Sydney beauty waxing, in terms of quality service and affordability.

The ladies waxing are offered in various categories, including full leg and Brazilian, full leg and bikini, full leg, half leg, half leg and bikini, G-string bikini, Brazilian, underarm, full arms, half arm, face wax, eye-brow wax, lip and chin. We strongly suggest you to wear clean pair of undergarments because it can prevent you from skin irritation. Pores always opened after the process of waxing, that’s why you need to take care of it.

Sydney Beauty Skin Rejuvenation is one of the emerging trends of today. All you need to contact us for glowing complexion. We believe in supporting your skin from the deeper layers. It is also good to improve the tone appearance. Our beauty experts will help you in your common skin concerns that include ageing, pigmentation, acne and inflammation. The experts specialize in addressing the cause instead of the symptoms of your skin conditions.

We are backed by the knowledge of industry & the team of cosmetic professionals, in Sydney. We ensure you the hygiene requirements are strictly focused. Every beauty therapist uses disposable wooden spatulas, in the whole process. We are confident to achieve exceptional and genuine results in every skin condition.

At Michelle Zen Beauty, we have a strict 100% no re-dipping policy for all our waxing services, in accordance with NSW health regulations

We use premium wax imported from Paris that reduces 50% of the pain & deliver smooth, long lasting results that you’ll love!